Christian Counseling

Christian Counseling

I am glad you are checking out this page. I want you to know that if you are not a Christian or don’t classify yourself as a spiritual person at all, That’s ok and I can work with that. If that is you go check out the other links on this website to see what therapy you might prefer. I offer therapy from a neutral/secular therapeutic standpoint. However if your faith is important to you and you would like to incorporate it in to your treatment plan then I am your therapist. Want to know more? Continue reading.

What is Christian Counseling?

Some therapists are more “up-front” in regards to their faith. Likely, they will use the Bible, pray, and offer a biblical perspective to their clients. This type of therapist also uses the evidenced-based treatment modalities that other type of therapists uses (this should be happening regardless). This is what we refer to as “Christian Counseling,” because it takes the benefits of both Christian practice, and clinical therapy modalities. Christian Counseling takes the best of both worlds to meet the clients mental, physical, and spiritual needs. I like to describe it as looking through a pair of glasses to help the client: looking through the lens of their faith, as well as through the lens of psychotherapy. By doing this, we can get a better, more rounded picture of the person.

So why not just see my pastor for “Christian Counseling”?

This is a great question, and the answer is yes and no. Many pastors offer “Pastoral Counseling”, and while that may be helpful for some, most cannot offer the same things as a licensed mental health provider. What you may get with a pastor can vary, as it can depend on their church. While some pastoral counselors may be required in some states to be licensed mental health providers, there are many that aren’t. (However, this can vary depending on the church body that governs them.) Many pastors will provide limited counseling sessions before referring out to a professional psychotherapist. Also many pastors do not have the same training as licensed mental health providers, and may only get a limited number of “counseling” courses if they go through seminary.

Where Does Anchored In Hope Therapy, LLC fit?

I strive to Bridge the gap between churches and the counseling world. This is a huge passion of mine! I think both sides can learn from each other, and I would love to be a valuable resource for your church to use.

While I may provide therapy from a neutral/ secular standpoint, I do understand that if faith is important to the client, I can incorporate that in to the treatment process. This can help you to have better outcomes, as well as to build our therapeutic bond quicker and stronger.

My specific knowledge is in Evangelical/non-denominational Christianity. However, I am here for you and whatever you believe and need to sustain you. I can utilize a Christ-centered approach to provide empathy, understanding, and authenticity in helping you with what you need. I can provide faith-based counseling services to address spiritual issues, offer prayer and guidance, help those who feel like they have lost their faith, or who have had spiritual trauma, as well. Each client’s unique treatment plan will include input from the client, such as what amount of spirituality they would like to have included in their counseling.